A 10 minute piece for saxophone and artificially intelligent whale schools, by Alexis Kirke and Sam Freeman.

Premiere 21st Jan 2011 with Andy Visser on tenor sax (video of it below).

Within the four speakers surrounding the Roland Levinsky’s large foyer, you are in a virtual underwater environment, and there are computerized whales swimming around in the distance which you can hear but cannot see; and who are singing and listening to each other and the saxophonist playing in the middle of the foyer. This is a composition which differs slightly each time it is performed, as the whales are programmed to have simple minds of their own, but usually they move closer attracted by the sax sound, and change their songs as they learn from each other and respond to the saxophone. After the piece a microphone is set up on a stand in the middle so during the evening people can come and communicate and sing, whistle or hum to the whales themselves, and listen to the response.

Program notes available here. Fast Travel was commissioned and premiered by Peninsula Arts.

MP3 versions available on Soundcloud; full WAV recording of 4 part premiere below:

Fast Travel 1 WAV

-[Saxophone and humpback whales]

Fast Travel 2 WAV

-[Saxophone, humpback and blue whales]

Fast Travel 3 WAV

-[Moslty just humpback whales, with some extended saxophone]

Fast Travel 4 WAV

-[Saxophone, humpback and blue whales]