Alexis Kirke  

MAPC Examples and ASH

MAPC Examples

The below MP3 contains 5 tunes. Each is taken from a single agent after 10 cycles of an 8 agent systems. The agent initial affective states used for each of the tunes are listed velow for the five. Note that for example (d) it is slow and long and repeats half way through, so only the first half is provided in the MP3.

a. All 8 agents "Angry"

b. All 8 agents "Happy"

c. 6 agents "Angry" and 2 tender

d. 6 agents "sad" and 2 "happy"

e. 6 agents "happy" and 2 "angry"

MP3 can be heard here. These were 6 of the tunes used in the listening tests.



A more musically interesting example is now given based on an 8 agent system running for 16 cycles, and also incorporating expressive performance. It uses the below settings:

Initial Affective States: 2 "Angry" 4 "Sad", 2 "Happy"

seedDuration 0.25

seedPitch 60

maxAgentMemorySize 250

similarityThreshold 1

affectiveOnsetInfluence 0.1 affectiveLoudnessInfluence 0.1 affectivePitchInfluence 0.1

affectiveUpdateArousal 0.01 affectiveUpdateValence 0.01

numberOfCycles 16

kValue 0.2

The full composition by Alexis Kirke based on this is called ASH and can be heard here.