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Cloud Chamber

Fast Travel

Sunlight Symphony

Drive-in Deco







Phrased and Confused: You said I said Piece for Poetry and Drum-kit with Hannah Silva. Commissioned by the Hub for Phrased and Confused 2009, to be performed at Summer Sundae Festival 14th-16th August 2009, Leicester, UK. Funded by Arts Council England.

The Holy Mountain Soundtrack commissioned by Peninsula Arts for Arnold Fanck's silent film The Holy Mountain.

South - Soundtrack for B&W Silent 1:20 documentary, including use of EEG Brainwave Composition.

My Continuum? - Piano piece for EEG Brainwaves, intepreted by Lola Perrin.

Happy Birthday to Darwin - Piano and Electronics for Dance Improvisation

Chromium 2 - Classical Guitar piece; collaboration with Nigel Morgan.

Drum Abuse - Piece for Electronics, Effects and Drum-kit commissioned by Peninsula Arts. Performed at Cafe Concrete.

Music Director for 5 Men Dancing 2008.

Repertoire of the Community - Electronic piece composed using artificial musical society and motifs by Lola Perrin. Performed at Music Viva.

Suspended Gold - Electronics, poetry and sound manipulation. Collaboration with poet Norman Jope.

Two Pieces for Classical Guitar
Ttwo pieces for a CD to be recorded by the American virtuoso guitarist Alan Thomas. Commissioned by Nigel Morgan.