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A selection of books published by ICCMR members, associates and post-graduate supervisory team.

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. Oxford: Focal Press, 2002 (2nd Edition).

Review by Richard Orton, University of York, in Organised Sound.

Miranda, E. R., Composing Music with Computers. Oxford: Focal Press, 2001.

Review by Robert Rowe, New York University, in Computer Music Journal.
Review by Paulo Chagas in Forum Musikbibliothek (in German).

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Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers, 2000.

Miranda, E. R., (Editor) Musica y Nuevas Technologias: Perspectivas para el Siglo XXI. Barcelona: L'Angelot, 1999 (in Spanish).

Review by Damian Keller, University of Stanford, in Organised Sound.

Miranda, E. R., Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician. Oxford: Focal Press, 1998. [SOLD OUT]


Evolutionary Computer Music