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Voices III - Festival Highlights

Friday 22nd of February to Sunday 24th February saw the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2008 at the University of Plymouth. Highlights including pictures, sound and video clips are shown below.


Performance of “The Hangman Frames”, by Dominic Murcott (Trumpet, Noel Langley)


Percussionist Jessica Ryckewaert

Eduardo Miranda 'Sacra Conversazione’ Opus 3 (2008) for string orchestra, percussion and electronics (premiere)


Click below for video footage of Sacra Conversazione premiere:

Clip 1 (Video)

Clip 2 (Video)

Clip 3 (Video)

Clip 4 (Video)


Kate Westbrook

David Prior and Larry Lynch "On what it might mean to be spinning", Voice John Hall

Click below for samples of performances from the Southside Cafe concert:

Marcello Gimenes and iME (Video)

Leandro Costalonga (MP3)

Alexis Kirke and Lola Perrin (MP3)

Hilary Mullaney (MP3)

João Martins and Miguel Drago (MP3)


Getting ready for the gig at Southside Café



Alexis Kirke and Lola Perrin "Repertoire of the Community"


Simon Ible introduces Mike Westbrook and The Village Band

Waiting for The BEAST - Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre


University of Plymouth Students perform Sam Richards' "About Time"



Lola Perrin


Malcolm Latchem, leader of the Ten Tors Orchestra



Karen Street and Andy Tweed

Setting up the BEAST

Festival Directors - Prof. Eduardo R. Miranda and Simon Ible


Composer Sam Richards


Guto Nobrega, Lola Perrin, and Alexis Kirke performing at Interface


Mike Westbrook



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