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Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2010


Friday 26 February – Sunday 28 February 2010

Festival Directors:
Simon Ible, Director of Music, University of Plymouth
Eduardo R Miranda, Professor of Computer Music, University of Plymouth

One of the UK’s most innovative festivals of contemporary music with 3 days of performances and premieres of the latest in contemporary classical music, by internationally-renowned performers such as Dame Evelyn Glennie and James Barrett. This year's festival is entitled 'Continuum' - a concept that recognises the importance of the western classical tradition in music, as well as celebrating the latest in contemporary music and research.

This year’s festival will also include talks, installations, films and workshops of contemporary acoustic and electroacoustic music.

Composers and writers in attendance include:
Dame Evelyn Glennie, James Barrett, Eduardo R Miranda, John Matthias, Sam Richards, Torsten Anders, Anna Troisi, Antonio Chiaramonte, Giorgio Distante, Roberto Paci Dalò, Cesare Saldicco, Anna Troisi, Ten Tors Orchestra, Fergus Kerr, Frederic Voisin, Andrea Gajic, Lauryna Sableviciute, Hans Tutschku, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, John Eccles, Katrina Burton, Ken Dempster, Orjan Sandred, Steve Davismoon, Hugh Nankivell, Johannes Kretz, Alexis Kirke

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Friday 26 February


Concert (durational) Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinksy Building, University of Plymouth

Sunlight Symphony: Sunrise (World Premiere)
Alexis Kirke, Tim Hodgson

Light sensors placed in windows on different floors of the Roland Levinsky Building are connected to a sophisticated computer music instrument conceived and designed by Alexis Kirke. As the sun rises over Plymouth it ‘plays’ the building like an instrument. The music produced will be heard inside the foyer of the building and will continue to play at selected times during the Continuum festivals. This building-sized instrument, played by the moving sun, utilises an advanced wireless network and interface designed and implemented by Tim Hodgson.



Festival Launch Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinksy Building, University of Plymouth

Festival Launch
Simon Ible, Eduardo R Miranda

The festival directors will launch PACMF 2010 in the Crosspoint of the Roland Levinsky building.



Book Preview Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinksy Building, University of Plymouth

A-Life for Music
Eduardo R Miranda

Book Preview of A-Life for Music, edited by Eduardo R. Miranda (published by A-R Editions). Artificial Life, or A-Life, aims at the study of all phenomena characteristic of natural living systems, through computational modeling, wetware-hardware hybrids, and other artificial media. Its scope ranges from the investigation of the emergence of cognitive processes in natural or artificial systems to the development of life or life-like properties from inorganic components.

A number of musicians, in particular composers and musicologists, have started to turn to A-Life for inspiration and working methodology. This book features the work developed at ICCMR and other internationally renowned researchers at the cutting-edge of this exciting emerging field of computer music, and includes a CD with various examples music related to A-Life.



Concert and Film Tickets £5, Concessions £3
Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth scored by Antonino Chiaramonte
Antonino Chiaramonte, Various Film-makers

Eclectic italian musician and movie soundtrack composer Antonino Chiaramonte, will introduce a selection of short films directed by Stefano Viali, for which he has produced the music. The films have been screened at festivals around the world winning accolades and awards. More information about the films will be published on this website closer to the performance. The films are followed by a talk and Q & A session with Antonino.

- “LOTTA LIBERA” (Wrestling Match) (2004) Running time: 15 minutes.
- "FORME” (Shapes) (2007) Running time: 13 minutes
- “UN’INFERMIERA DI NOME LAURA” (A nurse Called Laura) (2009) Running time: 24 minutes



Concert Tickets £5, Concessions £3
Upper Lecture Theatre, Sherwell Centre, University of Plymouth

REsearch Ensemble: Trio
Horn : Fergus Kerr
Violinist: Andrea Gajic
Piano: Lauryna Sableviciute

Scotland’s Research Ensemble was formed in Edinburgh in late 2005 by Stephen Davismoon. Consisting of a core of extraordinarily talented, questioning and energetic musicians, the Ensemble's primary purpose is to provide performances of cutting edge’contemporary music at the highest of international levels. It endeavours to work with composers from around the world as well as with those much closer to home. In its relatively short lifetime it has already developed a reputation for itself, through the presentation of many UK and World premiere performances by such composers as Gerhard Stäbler, Kunsu Shim and Yuri Kasparov.

Katrina Burton: Miniatures for Horn Trio
John Hails: Trio3
John Eccles: Impressions
Ken Dempster: Aber
Stephen Davismoon: Fragmented Celestial Fanfares
Eduardo Miranda: Carnival for Piano
Örjan Sandred: Celestial Dragons
Hans Tutschku: Fragile Connections
Jacopo Baboni: Something in Between  


Saturday 27 February

10:00am - 1:00pm

Conference Free event
Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

PRISMA International Conference
"Aesthetic Decisions in Computer-Aided Composition"

PRISMA (Pedagogia e Ricerca Internazionale sui Sistemi Musicali Assistiti), created in 2001 through the initiative of Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, is an international association of composers and researchers working with computer-aided composition. This year, ICCMR and Peninsula Arts host a PRISMA meeting during the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, culminating in an international conference open to the public, a concert by members of Scotland’s highly praised RE:search Ensemble and the launch of a thematic issue of the celebrated Contemporary Music Review journal, edited by Professor Eduardo Miranda.Speakers include:

- Hans Tutschku (Harvard University, USA)
- Frédéric Voisin (Montbéliard Music Conservtoire, France)
- Jacopo Baboni Schilingi (Montbéliard Music Conservtoire, France)
- Örjan Sandred (University of Winnipeg, Canada)
- Stephen Davismoon (Edinburgh Napier University)
- Johannes Kretz (University of Musicology of Vienna, Austria)
- Torsten Anders (University of Plymouth, UK)

12.00pm - 4:00pm

Concert (Durational) Free event
Immersive Vision Theatre, University of Plymouth

Aggregator v1.0 (World Premiere)

i-DAT is a catalyst for creative research and innovation across the fi elds of Art, Science and Technology. Aggregator v1.0 builds on a suite of creative ‘tools’ or ‘operating systems’ that dynamically manifest ‘data’ as an abstract and invisible material, forming a mirror image of our world and refl ecting, in sharp contrast and high resolution, our biological, ecological and social activities. It generates an audio/visual immersive experience of data feeds from web 2.0 platforms, news feeds, networks, buildings, and satellites all orchestrated through subtle audience interaction. The work is a generative piece and the audience is able drop in and out during the session.



Lecture Free event
Jill Craigie Cinema, University of Plymouth

Dirty Electronics
John Richards, De Montfort University, Leicester

John Richards’ work explores performing with self-made instruments and the creation of interactive environments. He has worked with many leading improvisers and musicians with live electronics, and is a founder member of electro-noise improvisers kREEPA. Recent concerts include: IRCAM (Paris); Fylkingen (Sweden); the Bent Festival (Los Angeles); Sonar (Barcelona), and the Southbank Centre (London).

At 3:00pm on Sunday 28th Feb, John Richards will perform with University of Plymouth BA (Hons) Sound and Music Production students, in the Crosspoint at the Roland Levinsky Building.



Concert Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Sam Richards
Conduction (World Premiere)

The combined forces of University of Plymouth Music, Theatre and Dance students present a guided improvisation. Conduction is jazz musician Butch Morris’s word for the kind of free-form improvised playing, which was pioneered by Sun Ra. It rocks!



Concert Free event organized by members of ICCMR
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Interface iii

Interface presents performances by members and collaborators of the University of Plymouth’s ICCMR. Including multiple projection visuals and music, Interface III offers an exciting and accessible glimpse into the future of classical and popular music in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.

Isambard Khroustaliov (London)
David Strang (Plymouth)
Hans Rutz (ICCMR)
Peter Votava / Brigitta Bödenauer (ICCMR)

* Click here for 2009 interview about last year's Interface *


Concert Tickets £20, Conc. £18, UoP Staff £12, children / non-UoP students £12
Plymouth Guildhall, Royal Parade

Evelyn Glennie and Ten Tors Orchestra
Toilers of the Elements - James Barrett (World Premiere)

Simon Ible: conductor
Evelyn Glennie: percussion

Evelyn Glennie is the first person in musical history to create and successfully sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. She has commissioned 160 new works for solo percussion from many of the world’s most eminent composers. In 2007 Evelyn was made ‘Dame Commander’ for her services to music.

James Barrett describes Toilers of the Elements: “I was keen to give the piece some regional identity, and wanted to explore the sea-faring heritage of Plymouth and the south-west peninsula. A strong vision emerged of a community which traditionally relied on its fishing for economic survival and this meant learning to work with the elements. The work brings into focus the almost primeval role of the percussionist in being at one with her/his tools in order to almost become part of the music through rhythm and melody.”

James Barrett: Toilers of the Elements (2010) (World Premiere)
(Concerto for percussion and string orchestra)
Arvo Part: Summa (1977)
Wojciech Kilar: Orawa (1986)
Nebojsa Zivkovic: Ilijas (1996)
Askell Masson: Prim (1984)
Leigh Howard Stevens: Rhythmic Caprice (1989)


Sunday 28 February


Demonstration Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Eduardo R. Miranda and Phil Culverhouse
Interacting Singing Robots

ICCMR is teaming up with a robotics team at the University of Plymouth to develop technology for the music of the future, where autonomous intelligent musical devices will share the stage with humans to create music in unprecedented new ways. This installation features their latest creation: Tom, Dick and Harry, three singing robots that learn music by babbling melodies to each other. They are capable of developing a common repertoire of vocal melodies all by themselves.

Each robot is programmed with an artificial ear, a voice synthesiser and a memory mechanism that processes connections between heard sounds and vocal control. They learn how to control their vocal mechanism by attempting to imitate what they hear, very much like human babies learning to talk by babbling imitations.



Film and Concert Tickets £5, Concessions £3
Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Films, Songs and Improvisations
Hugh Nankivell and Natural Causes

Hugh Nankivell: Fender rhodes, voice, viola, melodica
Pat Allison: guitar, bass, clarinet, singing, melodica
Chris Dowding: trumpet, flugel horn, swanee whistle

Hugh Nankivell has composed hundreds of pieces and songs for many different groups and contexts. He has collaborated with dancers (Emilyn Claid), theatre companies (Wilson/Wilson, Faulty Optic and The Kelman Group) and regularly works with Opera Companies (especially Opera North and the Royal Opera House, London). Hugh and the ensemble Natural Causes perform and improvise live to accompany these short films:

- At Land. Dir. Maya Deren (1944) Running time: 15 minutes.
- Soiled. Faulty Optic (2003). Running time: 12 minutes.
-The Wax Inspector. Faulty Optic (2003). Running time: 20 minutes
- Four short films: The Kiss In The Tunnel (1899). Ladies’ Skirts nailed to a Fence (1900). The Biter Bit (1900). Rough Sea (1900). Bamforth and Company. Running times: between 1-2 minutes



Concert Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Electroshop (UK Premiere)

Anna Troisi: sounding sculptures and theremin
Antonino Chiaramonte: live electronics and audio sequencing.
Giorgio Distante: trumpet and electronics.
Roberto Paci Dalò: bass clarinet and electronics.

..::Electroshop::.. [Concrete sound workshop] is a performance/workshop involving musical sculptures and compositions created at ICCMR. The sculptures are fitted with sensors that connect to computers and synthesizers. Performers play the sculptures by running their fingers over the sensors, and can even change the sound quality by subtly turning and moving the whole structure. The signals are then relayed to synthesizers, which produce the music. Acousmatic interludes with original text by Gerard Maroney.

This performance will be in the spirit of an auction for bidding on the sounding sculptures.

- Reuse, Recycle and Remix (12 min.) Eduardo Reck Miranda (2009)
- Nebbia alla Valle (8 min.)
Anna Troisi (2009)
- PLY (10 min.)
Roberto Paci Dalò (2009)
- Spire II (8 min.)
Cesare Saldicco (2009)
- MARaAL (8 min.)
Giorgio Distante (2009)
- Etheric Bodies (12 min.)
Antonino Chiaramonte (2009)



Concert Free event
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Jazz Jam
Giorgio Distante: trumpet.
Roberto Paci Dalò: bass clarinet

Various musicians from the festival, including jazz trumpeter Giorgio Distante, Sam Richards on keyboards and bass clarinettist Roberto Paci Dalò, will be getting together in the Crosspoint for an informal jazz jam as part of the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival closing. Local jazz musicians are welcome, so why not come and join the jam? Enjoy a relaxing drink and hear some of the best festival players enjoying themselves.


Note: all events FREE to UoP Students

Peninsula Arts Composer-in-residence:
Karen Wimhurst
PACMF Programming Liaison Assistant :
Alexis Kirke

Past Editions of the Festival

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Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival
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Contemporary Music Weekend
Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Weekend
Performance, Technology and Research
Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 February 2005
A weekend of research and new creative developments
at the Computer Music Research Lab University of Plymouth.



Dame Evelyn Glennie

james barrett
James Barrett

Eduardo Reck Miranda

Simon Ible

Anna Troisi

Antonino Chiaramonte

Frederic Voisin

Hans Tutschku

Jacopo Baboni Schilingi

Orjan Sandred

John Eccles

Katrina Burton

Ken Dempster

Steve Davismoon

Andrea Gajic

Fergus Kerr

Lauryna Sableviciute

Cesare Saldicco

Roberto Paci Dalò

Alexis Kirke