Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2013


Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 February

Sensing Memory

Drawing on both classical and electronic music Sensing Memory will implement innovative research into computer music and engage with classic orchestral experiences to reveal new sound worlds to the audience, and extend the possibilities of both art and science.

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As well as creating a platform for music emerging from research, this year’s festival will explore the theme of memory as a virtual sixth sense - through inward journeys of the human brain and the pursuit of lost memories of childhood, forgotten ancestors and global connections.

The theme of Sensing Memory is allied to a new four-year ICCMR research project being funded by EPSRC entitled “Brain-Computer Interface for Monitoring and Inducing Affective States” led by Prof Eduardo R Miranda and Dr Slawomir J. Nasuto at the University of Reading’s Cybernetics Research Group. This project aims to create an intelligent musical computer that can help someone adjust their emotions when they are depressed or stressed. The computer will play music, analysing the person’s brain activity as they do so, allowing it to select what sounds to generate based on how close the person is to feeling the way they want. This research will impact on the health and entertainment industries such as the gaming industry.


Thursday 21 February

Pre-festival event
Music and Construction of Reality

Friday 22 February

Festival launch and reception
Theatre of Stolen Memory
Bergersen String Quartet

Saturday 23 February

Festival talk and book signing
Nick Coleman: The Train in the Night

Algoshorts Film Festival:
Many Worlds

Workshop: transmission+interference

Film: In Memory
Symphony of Minds Listening

Sunday 24 February

As the leaves Fall, By the Water, Those Snowy Hills, Come Ever Closer (Will McNicoll)

TransRemember (Ignacio Brasa)
Performance: transmission+interference

The Nameless

Festival party with live music and refreshments