We are proud to announce the new BSc (Hons) Computing, Audio and Music Technology

Taught out of the ICCMR, graduates will be prepared for employment in the modern audio and music technology sectors along with other domains in computing […]

Pioneering partnership to develop Quantum Computing for creative applications

ICCMR is a research partner of Rigetti Computing to develop research into creativity and musical applications of Quantum Computing.

ICCMR’s research is awarded a prize at Prix Ars Electronica 2019

ICCMR’s research into Biocomputing and creativity received an Honorary Mention at the prestigious Prix Arts Electronica, Linz, Austria.

ICCMR is awarded a multimilion research grant from EPSRC

ICCMR’s new RadioMe Project is aimed at developing broadcasting technology to improve the lives of people suffering from dementia. The project is in partnership with the […]

Grand prize of the European Commission for Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts, ICCMR award

The composition Biocomputer Rhythms, by Prof Eduardo Miranda, won an Honorary Mention at STARTS, an initiative of the European Commission to foster arts & sciences connections.

ICCMR’s research is featured in science documentary Humanity 4.0

Prof Eduardo Miranda talked to EBS TV in South Korea about ICCMR’s ground-breaking research into Music Neurotechnology.

Alexis Kirke was invited to speak at quantum physics & music conference

ICCMR’s Alexis Kirke gave a talk on his work relating quantum physics with music at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade

ICCMR & V&A Museum: Towards a Science of Heritage project

ICCMR and Victoria & Albert Museum in London received an award to develop a research project to develop Artificial Intelligence for curatorial practice.

Impact of ICCMR research featured at Volvo film for Sky Atlantic

Ground-breaking research into Brain-Computer Music Interface is featured the film Music of the Mind, as part of Sky Atlantic Human Made Stories series.

Da Vinci Edition in Japan releases a CD of computer-aided symphonies made in ICCMR

Two computer-aided symphonies by Prof Eduardo Miranda are now available on CD with recordings of the premieres at our very own Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music […]

A new book edited by ICCMR’s Prof Eduardo Miranda is published

A pioneering new book on musical applications of unconventional computing has just been published by Springer. 

ICCMR composer creates unique piece to mark 60th anniversary of Lennon and McCartney

Alexis Kirke’s work for soprano and tenor “Come Together” was premiered at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2017.