Dark matter is going to be represented through the medium of song

25 February 2016

“Dark matter is so elusive that even physicists struggle to explain it – but now the invisible material that makes up 85 per cent of […]

Mind-blowing music: Tinie Tempah’s brain scan

28 September 2016

What really happens to our brains when we hear music? Can science ever use music to shape our emotions? But what happened when Tinie agreed […]

Wenn Gedanken “klingen” – Patientin mit Hirnschaden leitet Orchester

1 July 2016

Rosemary Johnson war Violinistin am Welsh National Opera Orchester. Bis sie durch einen Autounfall 1988 im Koma lag, und ihre sprachlichen un

Neuroscience Technology Helps Brain Damaged Musicians Compose Music

9 February 2016

“Rosemary Johnson was a promising young violinist and a member of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra. But in her early 20s, severe head injuries from […]

Après 26 ans de silence, une violoniste joue… avec son cerveau

9 February 2016

“Grièvement blessée dans un accident de voiture, la violoniste Rosemary Johnson a dû attendre 26 ans et de nouvelles technologies révolutionnaires pour jouer à nouveau […]

Powerhouse, Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday Service – BBC Radio 6 Music

19 March 2015

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