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Prof Eduardo Miranda

  • Eduardo is a Professor in Computer Music in the School of Humanities and Performing Arts and an active composer on its own right. His music has won prizes and has been performed in concerts and festivals worldwide, including Ultraschall Festival (Berlin), UNYASI (Johannesburg), Música Viva (Lisbon) and Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Seoul). He served as a research scientist at SONY in France before moving to the University of Plymouth in 2003. He is regional editor for South America of Organised Sound (CUP) and member of the editorial boards of Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press) and Contemporary Music Review (Routledge). His books include Composing Music with Computers (Elsevier Focal Press, 2001), Computer Sound Design: Synthesis Techniques and Programming (Elsevier Focal Press, 2002, 2nd Edition) and New Digital Musical Instruments: Control and Interaction Beyond the Keyboard (A-R Editions, 2006, co-authored).

Dr Michael McInerney

  • Mike is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. He plays the shakuhachi (traditional Japanese instrument) and the piano. In addition to music, he studied mathematics at the University of York, composition with the composer Frank Denyer, shakuhachi with Yoshikazu Iwamoto, and piano with Jo Peach. He also studied Zen calligraphy with Tanchu Terayama. Mike is prized for his research into extending the expressive potential of the shakuhachi by adding pressure sensitive keys and accelerometers to the instrument in order to alter its timbre during performance through the use of digital sound processing. Mike’s portfolio of practice-based research includes electroacoustic compositions, semi-improvised performance and performances of avant-garde music from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. He has recently written a chapter about composer Anestis Logothetis for Theresa Sauer’s book Notations21: An Anthology of Innovative Musical Notation (New York: Mark Batty, 2009).

Dr Alexis Kirke

  • Alexis holds a permanent post as a Senior Research Fellow in Computer Music. He has a PhD in the field of Artificial Neural Networks and a PhD in the field of Computer Music, both from Plymouth University. As a composer and performer he has won multiple prizes for film, sound performances, and radio broadcast, including an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Media Innovation Awards 2015. He has given invited talks, keynotes and performances at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, California Academy of Sciences, and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, amongst others. Alexisí research interests include applications of music and the arts to technology and HCI, supportive broadcasting / technology for dementia, and unconventional computation using media. He edited the book Guide to Computing for Expressive Performance (Springer, 2013).

Dr Eduard Braund

  • Eduard Braund graduated with a MRes in Computer Music and a PhD on the topic of biocomputing for music at ICCMR, University of Plymouth. Currently he is a full-time Lecturer in Music Technology at the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. Eduard's research interests include; interactive music systems, audio engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He is well known internationally for his work on building bio-processors based on slime mould.

Dr Katherine Williams

  • Katherine is a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. She gained her degrees in musicology from King’s College London (BMus(Hons)), and the University of Nottingham (MA, PhD). Her research interests include jazz, popular music, music and gender, music and geography, and digital cultures. She has published in learned journals such as Jazz Perspectives, Journal of Music History and Jazz Research Journal. Katherine is contributor and co-editor of The Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter (Cambridge University Press 2016) and The Singer-Songwriter Handbook (Bloomsbury Academic 2017). Her forthcoming monograph on Rufus Wainwright is due in 2016 through Equinox Press. She is an active research presence both nationally and internationally and maintains an active performance profile. She is fluent in the idioms of classical, jazz and new music. Katherine enjoys collaborating with new music composers, helping to develop and perform repertoire for acoustic saxophone, saxophone and electronics, fixed media, and any combination of the above.

Visiting Researchers

Dr Raymond Sparrow (Visiting Research Fellow)

Mr Linas Baltas (Visiting Composer)

Dr Archer Endrich (Visiting Research Fellow)

Mr Badrinarayan Ram Mohan (Placement Student, SASTRA University, India)

Post-graduate Research Students

Satvik Venkatesh (ResM Computer Music)

Ms Hedy Hurban (PhD)

Mr Samuel Pearce-Davies (PhD)

Richard Abbott (PhD)

Amble Skuse (PhD)

Oliver Brand (ResM Computer Music)

Mr Jared Drayton (PhD)

Ms Nuria Bonet Filella (PhD)

Mr Pierre-Emmanuel Largeron (PhD)

Former Members & Alumni

            Ms Miriam Richter (ResM Computer Music) 

            Dr Aurelian Antoine (PhD)

            Dr Marcelo Gimenes (PhD)

            Dr David Bessell (PhD)

            Dr Michael McLoughlin (PhD)

            Mr Alan Miles (ResM Computer Music)

            Dr Maria Lucillia Borges

            Simon J. Cotton (ResM Computer Music)

            David McKenzie (ResM Computer Music)

            Tom Hayes (MRes Computer Music)

            David Strang (Lecturer)

            Simon Ible (Peninsula Arts)

            Duncan Williams (Research Fellow)

            Peter Shepherd (ResM Computer Music)

            Zihao Xie (MRes Computer Music)

            Federico Visi (PhD)

            Robert Fall (MRes Computer Music)

            Mr Sivaramakrishnan Meenakshisundaram (Exchange Student, SASTRA University, India)

            Mr Hugo Collet (Placement Student, University of Brest, France)

            Dr Joel Eaton (PhD)

            Mr Rodrigo Schramm (Visiting Fellow, URFGS, Brazil)

            Dr Hanns Holger Rutz (PhD)

            Mr Kevin McCracken (MPhil)

            Dr Hilary Mullaney (PhD)

            Dr Anna Troisi (Research Fellow)

            Mr Nigel Morgan (Visiting Fellow)

            Mr Antonio Chiaramonte (Visiting Fellow)

            Dr Christian Dimpker (PhD)

            Pierre-Yves Hervo (Placement Student, University of Nantes, France)

            Ms Katrina Fuschillo (MRes Computer Music)

            Mr Stu Welsh (MRes Computer Music)

            Mr Guy Frazer-Wright (M.Res Computer Music)

            Mr Thomas Hitchins (M.Res Computer Music)

            Dr Nikolas Valsamakis (PhD)

            Dr Noris Mohd Norowi (PhD)            

            Dr Jamie Serquera (PhD)          

            Dominik Koller (Visiting Researcher, Vienna University of Technology)            

            Dr Joao Martins (PhD)

            Mr Nicolas Reeves (PhD, Planetary Collegium)

            Ms Qijun Zhang (Post-graduate student)

            Mr Andrew Brouse (Post-graduate student)

            Mr Alan Evans (MRes Computer Music)

            Mr Dimitri Papadimitriou (Visiting Researcher, Université de Grenoble, France)

            Mr Joachim Fritsch (Visiting Researcher, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, France)

            Mr Asad Malik (MRes Computer Music)

            Dr Torsten Anders (Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence)

            Mr Peter Votava (MRes Computer Music)

            Mr Tarek El Khsim (Placement Student, University of Brest, France)

            Dr Peter Beyls (PhD)

            Dr Leandro Costalonga (PhD)

            Mr Chris Saunders (MA Digital Arts)

            Fabien Leon (Placement Student, University of Brest, France)

            Matthieu Bonnot (Placement Student, University of Nantes, France)

            Mr Dan Livingstone (Senior Lecturer)

            Mr Vincent Soucaret (MSc Communications Engineering and Signal Processing)

            François Gueguen (Placement Student)

            Ms Alicja Knast (Research Assistant)

            Dr Simon Durrant (Research Fellow)

            Mr Jamie Bremaneson (Placement Student)

            Mr Jean-Jacques Maurice (Placement Student)

            Mr Jesus Alvaro (Associate)

            Mrs Sigalit Hed (MPhil)

            Mr Bram Boskamp (MSc Digital Futures)

            Mr Martijn Bosma (Socrates MSc, University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

            Mr Gianni Corino (Research Assistant)

            Mr Eduardo Coutinho (MPhil)

            Mr Matthew Crimp (MSc in Interactive Intelligent systems)

            Mr Etienne Drouet (MRes Interactive Intelligent Systems)

            Mr Thanasis Hapipis (MSc Interactive Intelligent Systems)

            Prof Adolfo Maia (Visiting Fellow, UNICAMP, Brazil)

            Mr John Murray (MRes Interactive Intelligent Systems)

            Dr Patricio da Silva (Visiting Fellow)

            Mr Vadim Tikhanoff (MSc Interactive Intelligent Systems)