Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2013


Friday 22, Saturday 23, Sunday 24 February

Pre-Festival Event

Thursday 21 February

Peninsula Arts Gallery
Cognition Institute and Peninsula Arts present:

Cogtalk - Music and Construction of Reality

In this CogTalk session Prof Dan Lloyd and Dr Alexis Kirke will consider questions such as: Can music be used as a metaphor to understand the brain? If so, how? Is reality a construction of the brain? Is music a metaphor to understand how the brain constructs reality? Might music the next frontier of neuroscience research? What is the role of arts in scientific research?



Friday 22 February

Mezzanine, Roland Levinsky Building

Festival Launch & Reception

Theatre 1, Roland Levinsky Building

Theatre of Stolen Memory

Sara Stowe, voice & harpsichord
David Bessell — Theatre of Stolen Memory (2013) premiere
Giacinto Scelsi — Canti del Capricorno (1962-72)
Maurizio Kagel — Recitativarie (1971/2)
Louis Andriessen — Overture to Orpheus (1982)
John Cage — Eight Whiskus (1984)

Bergersen String Quartet

Mathew Slater — Memoria Technica (2013) premiere
Richard Norris — Mumbai Nights (2010)
Duncan Ward — Eugene Cruft's Radio (2009)

David Bessell's 'voice stealing' software extracts features from the voice of Sara Stowe and weaves a cloud of variations on the sound of her voice around the wordless solo vocal part. Sara Stowe takes us through a journey of music for solo voice culminating in Theatre of Stolen Memory.
The Bergersen Quartet introduces a new work from Cornwall based composer Matthew Slater and recent works commissioned for the Imperial War Museum.

Tickets £6, £4 for Friends of Peninsula Arts, £5 students & children SPiA

Saturday 23 February


Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building
Festival Talk and Book signing

Nick Coleman: The Train in the Night

Music had been an integral part of Nick Coleman’s life for as long as he could remember. But Sudden Neurosensory Hearing Loss changed that irrevocably. The Train in the Night is Coleman’s account of his struggle to restore his ability not only to hear but to think about and feel music again.
The Train in the Night is published by Jonathan Cape

12:00 to 13:30 & 14: 30 to 16:00
Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building

Algoshorts Film Festival

Algoshorts micro-film festival is the world’s first public-facing festival of algorithmic film. Such movies can involve computer-generated scripting, editing, direction and soundtracks. Algoshorts includes short films by some of the best known innovators in the field, as well as premieres by up-and-coming directors. There will be two panel discussions involving some of the films’ directors.
Alexis Kirke — Many Worlds (2013) premiere
Daniel Jones — Prime Composition (2009)
Julian Palacz — Algorithmic Search for Love (2010)
Alexis Kirke — Many Worlds - Parallel Version (2013) premiere
Burnie Burns/Matt Hullum — The Strangerhood Eps 1 & 2 (2006)
Mogens Jacobsen — The Bridge (2003)
Anabela Costa — Landscape (2012)
Neil Rose & Shaun Lewin — Inventory of Witch (2013) premiere

Many Worlds is a short live-action film about a physics experiment that should never have been performed, directed by Alexis Kirke, whose soundtrack and story arc are generated subconsciously by the cinema audience. Selected audience members have biological signals monitored by a computer that digitally splices together a coherent movie in real-time based on detected emotions and pre-filmed segments. For more information see

16:00 to 18:00
Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building

Workshop: transmission+interference

David Strang & Vincent Van Uffelen
transmission+interference is a collaborative investigation of D.I.Y / D.I.T methods for creating artworks utilizing hacked and appropriated materials. The focus is to use laser light and controlled movements of the various parts involved to generate visualizations as outcome source for sound / noise. Most of the used materials and musical instruments originate in group workshops and discussions where shared skills and knowledge influence the potential outcome of the project greatly.

To apply for participation in the workshop contact David Strang: Places are limited.
FREE event

Theatre 1, Roland Levinsky Building

Film: In Memory

This is the first screening of a 15 minute documentary film made by Tom Kelly that introduces Nick Ryan’s emotional and musical journey that led to the writing of his piece As above, so below and his search for real and anecdotal memories of his father in Kenya.

Theatre 1, Roland Levinsky Building

Symphony of Minds Listening

Ten Tors Orchestra
Simon Ible, conductor
Eduardo Reck Miranda — Symphony of Minds Listening (2013) premiere
Beethoven — 2nd Movement, Symphony No.7 (1812)
Nick Ryan — As above, so below Parts 1 & 2 (2012/2013) premiere
Nicholas — Grew Self Portrait No.1(2013) premiere

Eduardo R. Miranda’s Symphony of Minds Listening is a musical demonstration of how the brain constructs reality. The second movement of Beethoven¹s 7th symphony will be deconstructed to its essential elements, which in turn will be re-assembled for the original orchestral forces following to a method invented by the composer using fMRI brain scans from 3 people while they listened to the Beethoven's movement. The symphony draws from an ongoing collaboration with neurophilosopher Dan Lloyd and cognitive neuroscientist Zoran Josipovic at New York University.
Ten Tors Orchestra will premiere Part 2 of Nick Ryan’s new work As above, so below for string orchestra. This is the second stage of Nick’s musical journey to Kenya in search of memories of a lost father. Part 1 was premiered by Ten Tors Orchestra on 22 September 2012 at St Andrew’s Minster Church, Plymouth.

Tickets £10, £8 Friends of Peninsula Arts & Ten Tors Orchestra, FREE students & children

Sunday 24 February

Upper Lecture Theatre, Sherwell Centre

Will McNicol, guitar
Ignacio Brasa, piano

Will McNicol — As the Leaves Fall, By the Water, Those Snowy Hills, Come Ever Closer (2012) premiere
Ignacio Brasa — TransRemember (2013) premiere

As the leaves Fall, By the Water, Those Snowy Hills, Come Ever Closer
is a suite of four solo guitar pieces by award-winning guitarist and composer Will McNicol describing the vast spectrum of emotion involved in dealing with Alzheimer's Disease. Loss of memory, in this case, being described through landscape, as the composer writes from the experience of having a father suffering from Alzheimer's.
TransRemember. “Memory can be more than your personal experience, it can also be the transference of the experiences of those who are close to you”. Ignacio Brasa’s works have been performed at festivals in Spain and the UK by specialist ensembles including Ossian, Chroma and Counterpoise.

Tickets £6, FREE Friends of Peninsula Arts, students and children

Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building

Performance: transmission+interference

David Strang & Vincent Van Uffelen
See Saturday 23 February for project information.

Theatre 1, Roland Levinsky Building

The Nameless

Steve Buckley, saxes
Sam Richards, keyboards
Pat Butterly, bass
Couch Tork, percussion

"The Nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth ..." Tao Te Ching. With roots in jazz, experimental music, and folklore, The Nameless takes audiences on improvised journeys to unpredictable musical spaces. Steve Buckley, saxes (Loose Tubes) and Sam Richards, keyboards (The Jazzlab, Half Moon Assemblage) are joined by Pat Butterly, bass and Coach York, percussion to form this new and exciting band.

Tickets £6, FREE Friends of Peninsula Arts, students and children

Crosspoint, Roland Levinsky Building

Festival Party with live music and refreshments

FREE event

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