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In addition to the selection of press articles below, please also refer to other items compiled for ICCMR’s Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, through!

ICCMR’s Research is featured in BBC World Service

Experimenting with science to create music is the focus of the University of Plymouth’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research.

ICCMR PhD Thesis hits the World News.

[Click here] to read the leading article in EE Times

ICCMR "Singing Robots" in New Scientist.

ICCMR's subatomic music is featured on Wired

New piece by Kirke for subatomic radioactive particles and a live violinist will be premiered at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival on 11 February, Plymouth.

Prof Eduardo Miranda talks to Evan Davis  on BBC Radio 4’s Today program Today Programme

Tracy Logan interviews Prof Eduardo Miranda for BBC World Service.

ICCMR BCMI system featured in the news in India.

'Locked-in' woman makes medical history.

Thoughts Make Music For Patient With Locked-in Syndrome. Medial News Today.

Music is All in the Mind. Scientific American.

Alexis Kirke’s Sunlight Symphony has been featured in Wired magazine


Jo Loosemore’s interview with Eduardo R. Miranda for BBC Radio Devon on contemporary music trends and technology

ICCMR research in the Swedish news.

Excerpt taken from the original takes filmed in March 2005 for TV Tokyo's programme "Mysterious Brain", featuring a demo of the latest results of the Brain-Computer Music
Interface project. Download the QuickTime plugin.

Excerpt of the programme "Sound and Vision" broadcast on 19 April 2005 featuring our research in music composition.
Excerpt of the programme "FAQ - Technology" broadcast on 12 December 2004 featuring our Brain-Computer Music Interface research. Download the QuickTime plugin.

[This is the link] to the BBC Radio 4 programme "All in the mind", broadcast on 07 December 2004, or download the excerpt referring to the Future Music Lab.


A selection of international press articles about our research: