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Seminars (2005/2006)

Seminars presented by members of the Computer Music Research team with the objective to report research progress and results. Each seminar will be followed by an informal discussion open to the audience. Members of the University's academic community, partner colleges and collaborating institutions are welcome.

Note: the programme may change, subject to research progress at the time, please consult this web site regularly for updates.

21 Sep 2005:
Speaker: Nikolas Valsamakis
Venue: Portland Square (Plymouth LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Dynamic Systems Sound Synthesis

26 Oct 2005:
Speaker: Marcelo Gimenes
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Simulating Musical Ontogenesis in an Artificial Society

16 Nov 2005:
Speaker: Joao Martins
Venue: Babbage 003
Time: 12:00
Topic: Evolutionary Rhythms

23 Nov 2005:
Speaker: Lali Krotoszynski (guest speaker from UNICAMP, Brazil)
Venue: Scott Gym
Time: 13:00 (ATTENTION NOT 12:00)
Topic: BODYWEAVE: a dance play station and open database project for collaborative creation

28 Nov 2005:
Speaker: Oliver Bown (Goldsmiths College)
Venue: Smeaton 201 LT
Time: 17:00
Topic: Studying Artificial Cultural Evolutionary Systems

30 Nov 2005:
Speaker: Peter Beyls
Venue: Babbage 003
Time: 12:00
Topic: A Molecular Collision Model of Musical Interaction

07 Dec 2005:
Speaker: Qijun Zhang
Venue: Mary Newman Building 605
Time: 12:00
Topic: Evolutionary Computation and Musical Performance

14 Dec 2006:
Speaker: Vadim Tikhanoff
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Musical Composition by an Autonomous Robot

11 Jan 2006:
Speaker: Dan Livingstone 
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Orb3 - A New Music Controller

25 Jan 2006:
Speaker: Francisco Sepulveda, University of Essex
Venue: Portland Square Stonehouse LT
Time: 14:00
Topic: Brain-Machine Interfaces: The next technological revolution?

27 Jan 2006:
Speaker: Tim Blackwell, Goldsmiths College
Venue: Portland Square (Stonehouse LT)
Time: 14:00
Topic: Stigmergy and Self-organisation in Musical Improvisation

01 Feb 2006:
Speaker: Andrew Prior
Venue: Scott 002
Time: 12:00
Topic: Interactive Sound Environments

08 Feb 2006:
Speaker: Mark Plumbley, Queen Mary University of London
Venue: Babbage Lecture Theatre 6
Time: 14:00
Topic: Analysis and transcription of musical audio signals

22 Feb 2006:
Speaker: Leandro Costalonga
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Towards an Idiomatic Plucked String Player

01 Mar 2006:
Speaker: Hilary Mullaney
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: Biofeedback in Assistive Music Technology

15 Mar 2006:
Speaker: Alicja Knast
Venue: Scott Gym
Time: 12:00
Topic: Timbre and the Perception of Musical Form

29 Mar 2006:
Speaker: Natalia Passynkova
Venue: Babbage 003
Time: 12:00
Topic: An fMRI Study of Musical Perception

29 Mar 2006:
Speaker:Joao Magalhaes Martins
Venue: Smeaton Building 107 (a & b)
Time: 14:00
Topic: Physical Modelling of the Guitar

19 Apr 2006:
Speaker: Nigel Morgan
Venue: Portland Square (Devonport LT)
Time: 12:00
Topic: A Glimpse into a Composer's workshop

03 May 2006:
Speaker: Ramona Behravan, University College London
Venue: Babbage 005
Time: 12:00
Topic: A method of Automatic Music Visualisation

17 May 2006:
Speaker: Jaime Serquera
Venue: Babbage 006
Time: 12:00
Topic: Sound Synthesis for the new UPIC System

24 May 2006:
Speaker: John Matthias & Jane Grant
Venue: Scott 105
Time: 12:00
Topic: Granular Synthesis meets Visual Arts

13 June 2006:
Speaker: Nick Collins
Venue: Portland Square, Stonehouse Lecture Theatre
Time: 14:00
Topic: Machine Listening and Interactive Music Systems

19 July 2006:
Speaker: John Murray
Venue: Stonehouse LT, Portland Square
Topic: Real-Time Granular Synthesis with Spiking Neurons

30 Aug 2006:
Speaker: Etienne Drouet
Venue: Devonport Lecture Theatre, Portland Square
Time: 12:00
Topic: Evolution of Musical Lexicons by Singing Robots.