Step Ahead Party


Leandro Costalonga
mEditeRranEan sOunDsCape
the hearing voices movement
Shaun Lewin : Radio Babel
Dark Knight of Soul
John Murray
Joerg Wolf
Andrew Prior
Musaab Garghouti



This event is part of the contemporary music festival


Wootwoo (UK)

Brothers Matthew and Daniel smith ( are back at the Plymouth university contemporary music festival with another earful of fun filled entertainment! The brothers have been busy working with internationally renowned recording artists including John Matthias (Ninja tunes / Accidental records) and Zimbabwean master mbira player Chartwell Dutiro (ingoma) creating and forming new sound sets from home made acoustic and electronic instruments. For this spectacular the brothers have gone back to their west midland raver roots. This year’s performance will feature a mix of screaming jungle techno Acid / electro folk world mind fuck tom foolery! Be prepared to get your knees up and step in time, before the brothers depart for the Spain Lithuania gig madness! "Smashing home grown organic local sounds, for smashing people from two smashing chaps"