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The Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) develops research combining music, science and technology. Our research expertise ranges from musicology and composition, to biomedical applications of music and development of new technologies for musical creativity.

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Creating a unique experience for artists and listeners

Read how Professor of Computer Music Eduardo Miranda is unlocking the potential of quantum computer music.

ICCMR Research into interfacing the brain with quantum computers is featured in Chinese media

Scientists demonstrate brain-quantum computer interface for the first time.

Researchers to investigate Quantum Computing for the music industry

The potentially game-changing impact that Quantum Computing could have upon the UK’s music industry is to be the focus of a pioneering new project that […]

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Roll Over Quanthoven: Can Quantum Computers Be Programmed to Become Quantum Composers?

19 November 2021

Sky Atlantic: Human Made Stories: Defiant Pioneers

22 August 2017

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