Artificial Synaesthesia for String Quartet: Richard M. Abrahams

June 23, 2020 | 6:00 pm 8:00 pm
The House, ICCMR Studio, University of Plymouth

4Play String Quartet
Violin: Liz Cotton, John Forte
Viola: Lindsay Hughes
Cello: Ben Roberts

Entrance free. Booking required. Note: Small venues with limited space. Please e-mail to reserve your place.

This research concert is the outcome of Richard Abrahams’ four years of masters and doctoral research at ICCMR. The programme includes a series of contemporary classical compositions for string quartet. The research portfolio explores different approaches to composition considering colour and sound as different dialects of brain information rather than completely separate languages. The composer developed a piece of software that enables the computer to emulate the effect of synaesthesia. Compositions take inspiration from a variety of sources; from the paintings of Kandinsky to the colourful life of a young mother and will be exhibited both in locl music and the projected colour of said music translated locl by computer simulations of music-colour synaesthesia. This is intended to be an informal concert. The composer will be available after the concert to demonstrate his software and answer questions.