1st International Symposium on Quantum Computing and Musical Creativity

November 19, 2021 November 20, 2021
University of Plymouth, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Quantum computing is a nascent technology, which is advancing rapidly.

There is a long history of research into using computers for music since the 1950s. Nowadays computers are essential for the music economy. Therefore, is very likely that quantum computers will impact the music industry in the time to come. A new area of research and development is emerging, Quantum Computer Music.

This first-ever quantum computer music symposium focuses on quantum computing for musical creativity. It takes place in the context of the QuTune Project, developed at the University of Plymouth’s ICCMR in collaboration with Cambridge Quantum Computing. In addition to creating resources for quantum computer music, QuTune is aimed at fostering a quantum-ready music tech community of early adopters.

The symposium will comprise talks about the resources being developed by the QuTune team and works by invited presenters. It will include a hands-on introduction to programming quantum computers for musicians and practical demonstrations. And we welcome proposals for presentations (see How to participate below).

The symposium will take place online and attendance is free of charge. But places are limited.

Website: https://iccmr-quantum.github.io/1st_isqcmc/