Music and the Brain – Composing with the Electroencephalogram: Rachel Horrell

June 10, 2020 | 2:00 pm 3:00 pm
Online Seminar (Zoom meeting ID: 93014379033)

The brain-computer music interface (BCMI) comes from a cross-disciplinary field that combines the methodologies from the field of Neuroscience and Computer Music. It allows for communication and control over musical parameters, and can be utilised for musical composition.

My project focuses on the development of a BCMI system to provide a new and novel approach to composing music. The research behind this project has explored the creative and technical challenges and opportunities of harnessing EEG technology in a musical composition. In addition to this, the research has also explored compositional strategies and mapping techniques in order to develop an appropriate system that would be suitable for a composer. The developed BCMI system allows for the user to control note velocity, chord changes and diatonic key changes using their alpha and beta waves, and therefore allowing a new and intriguing approach to composing music.